Don't dare me!

5 April-
After Mt Saint Michel, St Malo was somewhat of a disapointment. An ancient fortified town, with sky high ramparts. Sound like it has potential right. Yeah... except that every ancient building has been gutted and filled with a Gucci, Channel or Benneton etc. You get the idea.

Busted out of there asap.

I had a plan, I wanted to drive from St Malo to Carnac and then back to Rouen all in one day, everyone I'd spoken too say it was not possible. So off I set, it was a long drive but so so worth it. These alignments date back to 4,500 BC, They pre-date Stonehenge by about 100 years.

When you are standing in these paddock with thousands of massive rocks positioned in very precise locations, you can't help but have million questions.

How, when & why?
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