Couldn't have asked for more

13 April- today I went to Murano. Of course it wad packed with tourists.

I have a bachelor of visual arts degree with double major in glass blowing and jewellery, so I was particularly excited to visit a place I have longed to go for years.

It was very tourist oriented, but my educated ears picked up the familiar sound of a furnace, and a headed down this little deserted lane way. At then there was an ajar door to a studio. I asked the master if I could come in and watch, he said yes.

I spent 2 hours hanging out with 2 glassblowers that have been blowing for 40+ years!

After re-batching the furnace we sat down and had some beers and chatted via the grandson about my degree, glassblowing, cheap copies the traditions surrounding blowing & Murano.

When I left they gave me a piece they had made.

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