Could easily fall in love!

With Venice that is.

12 April-

Woke up to the sound of church bells and gondaliers singing.

Went to the Dual palace.... talk about OTT, they obviously had a fair bit if money in their day! This is embellishment to the extreme, Rococco on steroids and yet there is something elegant about it at the same time.

I had my Venetian rowing class in the afternoon, the teacher actually ended up being an ex-pat Aussie. So here we were rowing down the grand canal two Aussie gals in Venice.

I tell Jane I have my gondalier song ready, I asks her if she wants to hear it? Sure she says. Then she just cacks herself laughing as I belt out " Row, row, row your boat" at full volume to cheers from the canal banks.

Finished the day off with traditional Venetian food and a couple of glasses of red.

Excuse the unflattering photo, not the best position to get your photo taken from.
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