Rome day 2

Yesterday I caught the train to Rome. Within 1 hour of arriving I had someone attempt to pick my pocket

Spent the rest of the day buying some food, wine and orientating myself to my new location.

Today I had a super early start to avoid a morning train strike.

Big day today, visited Piazza della Republica, Roman baths, National Museum of Rome (highly recommended), Museum villa Borghese with it's extensive Caravaggio collection and my favourite Ratto Di Proserpina! Then off to the National museum of modern art finished off with the National Etruscian Museum at Villa Giulia.

Final two for the day Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps. The Trevi fountain was spectacular!

I didn't take any photos with my phone today as I didn't really want to dig around in my bag too much. I actually don't feel very safe in Rome, it is chaotic, everything is cramped, tempers are fried, particularly drivers... and then there is always some one trying to sell you something or steal from you.

Certainly NOT relaxing.

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