start of an amazing adventure

Well I am Finally on my way, 6 months of planning & saving and 4 months of maniacal working culminated today with me getting on my flight to France.

I was secretly wishing to be bumped to business class but it didn't happen, there are still available seats in cattle, so all I can do is look forlornly at the 20 or so empty business class seats when I go to the loo LOL.

The next best thing to having the seat next to you empty is having it filled by some hottie :P and that's what happened, seriously though, he was really sweet 21 year old guy from Germany on his way home from 5 months in Australia. It was funny though, after lunch we both put our earphones to watch a movie a little way in I look over to his screen he is watching some mushy romantic comedy and I am watching some blow crap up movie LOL.

We are just about to descend into Singapore for refueling. So about one third of the way there!

Oh and the food is bloody awesome! And I even had a couple of glasses of wine with lunch :)

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