First day in Paris

Well they day nothing builds tba character faster than putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. So my character got a lot of building yesterday. French is a very very difficult language of which I have a pretty rudimentary grasp... and many French simply do not speak english, but I managed to survive and only once resorted to parle vous Englaise? To which I got the answer non anyway. Lol

Have had massive communication problems and only now have internet back on my phone.

Paris is an incredibly beautiful city, old, glamorous and steeped in history! Yesterday I went to the catacombs, jardin de Luxembourg and the Musee de ages Moyen (museum of the medieval age). All just mindblowing!

A friend lent me her super cooper expensive camera and I am so so grateful for it. There is NO way I could have gotten half the shots I did without it!

Ok quick post from me today it is well after lunch and I am still not even in Paris.... luckily it is the city of lights and I can stay there well after dark!
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