So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

I would like to take a moment to let you all know that on Monday I am on annual leave for 5 weeks. I will be heading over to Europe for my two yearly holiday.

We have an awesome team at Wild Child Nappies, so everything will be running as per normal and you probably won't even notice I am not there. Stock will still be getting made and orders still dispatched. New products are due to be released while I am away and there will still be someone there to address most questions that may come up.

I will still have internet access and email access while away and I will have a mobile for absolute emergencies.

All outstanding orders have been shipped, all customs have been completed (except one special one which I will be getting some stuff for in France) and all special orders and wholesale orders are filled.

We will be having one last stocking on Saturday night at 8.30pm Queensland time, for the Rainbows and Ringlets DNN and fitted nappies. These are our fantastic nappies made with a hand dyed bamboo velour outer. The Bamboo velour has been dyed by the very talented Robyn from Rainbows and Ringlets, Wild Child has managed to secure exclusive rights to use her beautiful fabrics :) Orders from this stocking that are paid via paypal will be shipped by me via Australia Post pre-paid bags on Monday morning before I leave. All other orders will be shipped later that week by the Wild Child team. Numbers are very limited for these :)

If you need to contact me, or you think I may have overlooked something PLEASE CONTACT ME NOW... Sunday is too late.

Finally a massive thanks to aisling milis... they made some quilts for my girls, and they truly went over and beyond what I expected. I have tried to get some footage but recorded it sideways, will try and get some more and post before the weekend. Maya and Sophie love them and the boys were chuffed with their PJ bags.

You can see them here!

So yeah that's about it for me...

Oh and since this is a public blog and anyone from the general public can read it... if the person who broke into my house last time I went away is thinking about it again; I strongly recommend against it. Not only is the rest of my family staying home, we have some nice surprises for any would be intruders and you will get caught this time ;) 


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