it's time Michelle.... Sell the Beetlebums carrier already!

I always knew this day would come. The day when I would have to admit that my last baby was growing up, she no longer wanted to be carried in carriers or wraps, that she would start wearing undies. :(

I always knew that one day she would stop being my baby and start being my toddler. Well that day is here, and it is time to move on and embrace the next stage in my parenting journey.

This may seem weird but this carrier Beetlebums carrier has always signified Sophie's babyhood. It was the one thing I splurged out and got to celebrate her new arrival into our family. I loved everything about it, the fit, the quality and the print, which I specially imported  for this carrier and matching nappy. Despite the fact that Sophie ended up being a baby that preferred slings, it held a special place for me, regularly adored if rarely used.

Anyway it is now time to move on and the sale of this carrier signifies that for me. It is a divine carrier that should be seen and adored, I am hoping the new owner will love it as much as I did!


Sparrowgal said...

Wow Michelle has it been that long already? I remember when you got that Beetlebums carrier!

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