A Beach Wedding!

This was a very creative & fun custom for me :)

The brief was pretty special, a client wanted a special set for a Funky Beach wedding she was attending in July for her son and daughter...

Initially I was stumped, then inspiration struck!

Sea themed, hand embroidered and sequinned, marine colouring and carefree styling! The client loved these ideas and off I went!

This set consisted of a DNN (our new side snap OSFM night nappy) with matching bib for the little man & a matching wool long sleeved tee for his bigger sister.

I love this set and I definitely want action shots of this set!


Kylie said...

beautiful <3

Zan said...

Just stunning!!!

Nadine said...

Wow they are gorgeous!!

~hello~ said...

OMG... Awesome!

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