Finally :P

I was part of a swap recently and anything that could have gone wrong did. The wool I wanted wasn't available and was put on backorder. I waited and waited, I had a really strong vision of what I wanted to do for my swapee. I hung out and was just about to give up 2 weeks out of the due date when I got the phone call that it had arrived! YAY!!!!

So I dyed up the white into two shades of pink (my swapee LOOOOVVVEESSS pink) and then when the opal arrived I got knitting. 52 hours of it!!! :o

This project was a first in nearly every aspect. I had never knitted double strand before, not with 10mm needles. I had not knitted multi-coloured cables before nor had I done intarsia colour changing. I had not machine felted before.

And just to make sure there was a degree of difficulty of 99.999999999 I lined it with hand dyed dupion silk (which I had never done before either)

After all is said and done I am really happy with it. My swapee, Mandy is just starting out with knitting so I made her this felted knitting bag, so she can knit away in style.

I hope she likes it, and that it was worth the wait.

I was going to make one of these for myself, but in all honesty it was such a monumental task I might need a bit of a rest first :P


FionaJill said...

Wow thats great Michelle! Lucky Mandy!!

The Wild Child said...

Yeah she loved it! I have to admit it did look freaking amazing when finished!

I think I will make myself one.Not yet though... LOL still traumatised by this one. :P

~hello~ said...

Yeah! Lucky Mandy!!!
Go on Michelle - make one for yourself! :-)

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