almost as good as sex! :o

I have loved handspun wool for as long as I can remember.... you might remember that I bought a spindle and some wool braids here . Well since then I have gone crazy... what... what did you say... awww come on that's not fair... It wasn't inevitable!!! have you been talking to my husband???

I managed to pick up a spinning wheel for an absolute bargain of ebay. I took a bit of a chance not knowing much about wheels and the lady who was selling didn't know much more than me LOL. Anyway since it was a steal I decided to take a chance. As it turns out it only needed a few things from the $20 maintainance kit and it was as good as new! As it turns out it was a 1970's ashford... very clean simple lines... not lots of elaborate turned wood... I love her :)

Anyway after visitng the lovely ladies at the Redcliffe spinners and weavers guild they taught me how to spin and I spun my first ever skein. It was white, I thought that was a bit boring LOL .... so I dyed it! in hindsight.... probably should have left it white because now it is fluro! LOL

this is my next skein- I tried really hard to get the singles even in this!

This is my third one.... I am getting a little better by now LOL just a touch...

this is my fourth... I tried really really hard to get it all even and neat... sometimes I succeeded, other times... well... ummm...

This is some single I spun on the weekend... I am not normally a pastel girl but I think this one is going to look pretty! I am going to ply it with white.

So as you can see I still have a long way to go, and need to learn about what colours look good plyed with other colours LOL but that's the good thing about having little kids, they still love your wonky, garish, handspun wool and wear it with pride.


FionaJill said...

Love the fluro one & the second one.
Good job. I think Simon would kill me if brought home something like that. I already have a piano & a giant doll house to restore LOL

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