Where have you been Michelle???


200 odd nappies later!!!

Yes that's right I have been snapping my head off!!!

I definitely need to get someone to do this for me now...it is getting ridiculous! I can't keep up with these sorts of quantities and do all the other things I do :)

OK so I think I have definitely earned a red wine, don't you think? YES! :P off to get one now....a yummy organic preservative free red!


angelskies said...

wow!!! thats pretty incredible!!

FionaJill said...

*gets up from PC to admire her FOOT press*
Ner Ner :p

The Wild Child said...

Yeah you will be doing them with the foot press next time if you keep taunting me :P

~hello~ said...

Maybe you should teach me how to snap! ;-)

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