This made me cry!

I got home from dropping Maya at school to be greeted by the Australia Post man delivering a package from a very dear friend and one of my favourite textile artists! The Rainbow Orb

N knows how much I have gone though in the last 6 months and she has been there every single step of the way, offering support, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a gentle prod in the right direction every now and then...I honestly can't say how much her friendship and support means to me and I wonder how would have gotten through it without her there. I love you dearly N!!!

So let's all tip our glasses to awesome friends *chink* they are more valuable that jewels, as unstoppable as the sea and more nourishing that the best food!

Now after all that my dear friend made this most beautiful sculpture for me to represent me and my journey of late! It personifies me beautifully and I LOVE it....I get a deep emotional twinge when I look at it, I connect to profoundly. It is very personal and full of meaning so I guess I am giving you guys a glimpse into a very private part of me :P

Lime green dress (of course!) LOL...
The back features an embellishment of the phoenix, which has become through my life journey a kind of totem of me, my life and how I tend to be. The Phoenix has genuine garnet and citrine gemstones. NOTE---- N only ever uses natural, environmentally sensitive and ethically sourced genuine gemstones.

The necklace around my felted me features peridot (my favourite), moonstone & amethyst (other favourites) rondelles and briolettes.

In my left hand is silver hearts with the initials of each of my 4 children and their birthstones.With a divine silver charm etched with the word cherish.

In my left hand is a replica of a dreamy night nappy...with real turquoise snaps!!! Wild Child being such a big part of my life and vehicle for many of my personal ethos and environmental concerns. As well as the opportunity to stay at home with my children! It also has a silver charm with the word create (any one who vaguely knows me knows this is as important as breathing to me)

I am choked up with the love and care that undoubtedly went into this divine sculpture. I ADORE it and will cherish it forever! Thank you <3


FionaJill said...

OMG that is stunning! I love the little charms.

Oh N you really are an amazing talented women! But obviously and even more amazing friend!

Louise said...

oh wow,that is such an incredible gift, what an amazing amount of thought has gone into that, you're a pretty special lady to be inspiring such a very special friend :)

Sarah said...

that is one of the most amazing things I have seen just beautiful!

The Rainbow Orb said...

I'm so glad you like it M, you do deserve it very much so and you are very inspirational and admirable. I treasure you as a friend xx

The Wild Child said...

It is lovely isn't it!

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