This pile has got me a bit excited!

I have needed to flex my creative muscle for a little while now...just do some stuff that is a little bit different from what I normally do.

I got all my customs done and dusted and was able to pluck something off the to do list. So I did, had a bit of fun with it and now these are ready to go to the seamstress for finishing....woot.

Wanna sneak peak?

yep that's all I'm giving you at this stage! :P while I was working on this though I got another idea for something else that will blow your socks off!!! so that has just jumped to the top of the to do list.

Now to sort out the Rasant threads and post them off to my buddies :) Squeeee....I get to play with all those beautiful spools of thread....squeeeel...


MadMel said...

oooh I am excited to see what it is :)

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