I cut it fine but meh.....I made it!

I always try and make one thing for the kids for their birthday.

Well it is Vaughan's 10th birthday on Tuesday and I was wondering what to make him. He got a Nintendo DS Lite for Xmas which he loves....so I decided to make him a case to keep it safe and sound and to hold all the various paraphernalia.

The outside featuring tatsu by Alexander Henry

The inside- I used a combination of fabric and wool felt. I used a stretch interfacing to give it body without diminishing any of the stretch in the wool and fabric.
There is even a place for his extra stylus and his game cards......

I hope he likes it. I kept notes as I imagine I will have to make a few more when the other kids see it :P


MadMel said...

I love it!!!! You should sell them :)

The Wild Child said...

funny I didn't think there would be a market for them but you are about the 8th person who has said that to me!

Ying said...

ooooh what a cool idea, yep definitely sell them :)

FionaJill said...

That looks great Michelle. Evan would love something like this.
You should make them to sell for sure.
Even the old kids need a bit of Wildchild!

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