Oh Mojo there you are!

I guess because I have been so sick and rundown lately my creative mojo decided to go and live somewhere else for a while :(

I just couldn't get enthused by anything! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, love my nappies and often sit and just look at them with a big grin on my face...they are beautiful and they are an absolutely awesome nappy; but every now and then I realise that I have been doing the same thing over and over again!

So once in a while I need to flex my creative muscle....I have been planning on doing appliqué on nappies for a long time and I have some to-die-for fabrics here. I got a massive wholesale order out of the way and thought "alright Michelle it's now or never!" I wasn't feeling particularly inspired when I sat down with the minky and fabric. I sat there for a while with the piles on my studio desk and then the fabric started to speak to me and amazing combos and segments just jumped out at me!

Check out the result!!!

Woot welcome back mojo.....nice to see you again!

I am working on the next batch now....it is so exciting! I love every single one and it will be hard to let them go....but I guess Sophie can only have so many nappies. :P


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