Well poor little Soph has been wheezing her way through the last few days of this week.

I was upset and worried that she had asthma....our oldest has a very very mild asthma...and I was worried that little Sophie had it as well. I had been very careful to ensure she had absolutely NO exposure to wheat and dairy until she was one and she was BF well past 1....

anyway I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and she has croup :( poor little love. But in true Sophie fashion she has been slowly and steadily recovering and I imagine that come next Monday she will be back to her old self.

It's amazing how kids just soldier on!

Me on the other hand....well I am now running behind *sigh* I was SOOOOO ontop of behind! oh the joys of motherhood.....being vomited on, carrying a hot limp crying baby around for days and nights on end...

BTW this is the same baby that all of a sudden has magically gained an altimeter, and the minute my net height goes lower than 1 meter (not much lower than standing normally :P ) a taser like pain causes her to wail!

anyway....I will get stuck in over the weekend AGAIN...and make a dent in it.


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