One lucky Newborn!!!

I got a custom order at the end of November and the criteria was go as crazy as you want with the colours/prints etc......WOOOHOOOOO........... I LOVE LOVE LOVE customs like that!!!

This was a complete starter stash for a baby due any day I split the stash in half and sent half through straight away (a little more standard in appearance) in case the little man decided to come early....and I got to work on the other half of the stash!

The Mumma has a jungle theme going so she was keen to have a couple of animal prints.....and was happy for me to choose whatever...but she definitely like the Poly PUL prints that used to be used in the Day Dreamer range.

I had a scout through my fabric archives and found the initial sample prints that were done when I was auditioning fabrics for the Day Dreamer range four years ago and dug out some that were uuuber groovy but had NEVER been used!!! some of these fabrics I only have enough of to make 3-4 side saddles out of so they are truly limited editions.

Check it out! this is a small snippet of this little man's new stash :)

I think I need to do more of these kinds of nappies....where I just let my imagination go and use fabrics I haven't used before or for a while!

I really enjoyed this custom thank you A and I hope you love them as much as I did making them :)


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