Fair Weathered friends?

Do you have many? I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately and wondering how I ended up with so many fair weathered friends. You know the kind that are only your friends and can only be counted upon when the weather is fair....but once the weather gets a little rough and stormy you could choke on their dust!

mmmmm......I honestly think it is time to cut them loose....I have a few people whom I only hear from when they want something from me, want me to do something or want me to stop doing something. I let them dictate facets of my life and business and am wondering why I should.

My recent bout of severe and ongoing illness made me realise who stands by you when you need it most. Not surprisingly the fair weathered were no where to be seen....in fact I am sure some of them don't even know that I have been incredibly sick and hospitalised since the beginning of this year. So I guess you have to ask yourself how much of a friend are they?

I get that everyone has stuff going on and that we are all busy, but I know what is happening in my friends lives, perhaps not on a day to day basis, but I certainly would know if one of them was critically ill and I would pull out all stops to help shoulder the burden!

Anyway the good of this is it is the impetus to make change....pruning is required and it will happen. For far to long I have been letting people have a say in how I run my life and business that I really shouldn't. Well it stops now....I am running a business not a popularity contest and I am a person not a doormat.

I am a wonderful, caring, loving and giving person with many awesome qualities....it is time to stop wasting my energy and resources on things/ people that don't matter to me.


MadMel said...

Yup I've done it many times in my life. Culled those 'friends' who only bring you down.
Sorry to hear you've been so sick :( Hope you are on the mend now :)

angelskies said...

oh wow you poor thing so sorry to hear you have been so unwell!

culling is necessary occasionally and is healthy that it occurs =)

hope you are feeling better soon!!

The Wild Child said...

Thanks Mel and Amy nice of you to comment :)

I am still very weak and "fragile"....a bit of a shock for a can-do kind of girl LOL....but I am taking it slowly and trying to recover as best I can.

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