This amazing bundle is now crossing the Atlantic to a most patient and lovely customer!

She has waiting patiently through all the various happenings in my life over the last few months as have her lovely customers! It is now finished and packed and on it's way to you V :)

How's this for some fluffy mail!

Fitteds, breast pads, Workhorses, Side Saddles, Bling, Piggy backs.........

and of course the Great Wall of Night Nappies! LOL

I actually don't think I have done quite so many night nappies in one hit....there are going to be a lot of happy UK mummas at the end of this week! and dry babies :)

I only have one custom left now.....and again another patient customer *mwah* I want to do something really special for her as she has been an absolute gem! B yours are nearly done...lovely :)


Jabula said...

Oh wow, they look d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. I don't think I'll want to sell them!

Louise said...

There's going to be a riot when these go on the shop!

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