I've been ill :(

Well since my last blog we have had Christmas and New Year come and go. We went down to Sydney so that DH parents could get to see the grandchildren...as they hadn't seen them for a while.

While in Sydney I got a headache which I could not shift with any kind of painkiller. By the time I had gotten home in the New Year it was a constant ache.

That soon escalated when I got a sore throat and my hair fell out (at least half of it). Concerned I went to the doctor. He had no idea what was wrong with me, but suspected I had a throat infection....it certainly felt a lot worse than a throat infection.

The long and the short of it is I ended up in hospital for several days with suspected Bacterial meningitis. 24 Blood tests, 1 CT scan, 1 x-ray and 4 lumbar punctures later they still are not sure what is wrong with me :(

I have been given a provisional diagnosis of a Streph infection, Saph infection and suspected malaria..... basically I am really really run down and falling apart.

My Streph infection seems to have resolved itself to some degree but the Saph infection seems to be getting worse....I now have a sub-cutaneous infection inside my elbow from where they were giving me all the needles in hospital.

So I am quite "weak" still and need to rest. I will be slowly plodding through work.....a wonderful couple of friends came up and helped me for a few days plough through a lot of it and I only have a few bits and pieces to tidy up.


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