Second last day :(

My second last day in Fiji was a very memorable one!

I went to a traditional Fijian village up in the hinterlands. After a one hour bus ride I jumped into a power boat for another 45 minute ride upstream.

Once we arrived we were greeted in the traditional Fijian way with the beating of drums, blowing of the conch and escorted to the main Bure. There the Kava Ceremony was performed (again!) and we were introduced to the village as visiting dignitaries.

Then we toured the village and witnessed out lunch being taken out of the Lovo.

We were entertained with traditional dances and songs and participated in a really fun dance called "The snake dance". A couple on the tour brought their 2 very young children and the Fijian people just doted on them!

After lunch be then jumped back onto the boat and travelled another 40 minutes further upstream to the most amazing waterfall system where we went for a swim....of course in typical Fijian style out village guide, relaxed.

Then we boarded traditional Bilibili to coast back downstream for a while. It was a very peaceful but slow journey.

When it looked like we were going to get caught by the weather we got back into the motorised boat and dashed back to Pacific Harbour. Unfortunately we did get caught and I was totally drenched by the time I got back.

Once back at the resort I had a warm shower and just chilled out for the rest of the evening with Dinner and a bottle of wine. Then packed my bags as I was busy the next day!


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