How good it this!

My birthday started in the most awesome way! I had banana pancakes and fresh tropical fruit for breakfast with a pot of Fiji coffee.

I was taken out to the main road where I waited for the Zip Fiji bus. I sat there talking to a local man and his uncle who was blind from diabetes. Then the transfer arrived, it was a long journey and on the way we got to see the most amazing countryside!

We stopped at Pacific Harbour and I grabbed some lunch as we were going right into the jungle and there was nothing to eat out there....well except some paw paw and iguana! When we got to the spot we all got out and got harnessed up, signed a waiver and listened to the rules.

Then it was all go! It was the most exhilarating experience I have ever had. To stand on a platform 30 metres above the jungle floor and just jump off is both terrifying and the best fun....but then then while you are travelling along the flying fox, you get up to speeds of 60 kph!

It was the best fun....and the guys that run FijiZip just have a ball! Singing,hanging upside down, swinging around...they really know how to enjoy themselves.

Eventually the fun is over...and we all head back to the bus to go home, on the way back I saw and old Fijian guy with a GIANT red snapper and I mean giant. It went from his hip to the ground so it would have been about 1.5 metres long! I have never seen as big a fish in my life.

When I got back to Wellersley resort Sabir was waiting to take me fishing for my birthday. We went out and I caught a Red Snapper (no where near as impressive as the one I had seen earlier) for dinner. I went back to the kitchen and gave my fish to the chef to cook. Then quickly had a shower and headed off for a full body Fijian massage with frangipani infused coconut oil. BLISS....

After my massage I went to dinner and the resort had put on some entertainment, a local guy was there singing traditional and some not so traditional songs. It was hilarious! I had my Red Snapper for dinner which had been swimming in the ocean less that 4 hours earlier.

This was followed by the staff of the Wellersley singing me happy birthday, well the traditional Fijian version...they sing SO beautifully!

The chef had made me a birthday cake which I shared with everyone.

My birthday challenge was to drink every cocktail off the cocktail list...which I am proud to announce I did....and I didn't hurl! That was followed by the Kava ceremony with me taking the traditional position of chief but only for the night LOL as women are not allowed to be chief. I spent the next 3 hours laughing and singing and have a great time with some New Zealanders and some really cool expats.I took photos of every cocktail as proof here are a few LOL

I rang my family and Amber and then off to sleep for me merry and oily and smelling like a giant frangipani. It was the best birthday I have ever had!


angelskies said...

sounds amazing!!!!!!!!! lol love the photos and what a birthday to remember!!

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