Another Day in paradise!

After breakfast Sena and I caught the local bus to Kula eco is a breading facility for rare and endangered native Fijian wildlife.....

Of course I got to pat several Crested Fijian Iguana and tree pythons.....the entrance money goes direct toward supporting the conservation and education programme.

It was a truly beautiful place set into a valley in the jungle.

After that we hitched a ride to Sigatoka...which is a major nearby city. I managed to get nearly all my souvenir shopping done. Yay!

I also got my photo taken with the local constabulary just incase you didn't believe me about how HUGE the Fijian men are!!!

When I got home...the power was off in the resort so I decided to go snorkeling just off the was low tide so i wasn't really expecting anything exciting. I paddled out into knee deep water...all of a sudden there was a clearing in the weed and it was just like a scene out of finding Nemo...I kid you not...the most amazing fish...colours and sizes! just beautful...I was only planning on spending 30 minutes or so out there...I ended up out there for 60 minutes....

when I came out of the water there was the local rubgy team practicing topless on the beach....I tell you Fiji is getting harder and harder to take every day! LOL

I knew some of the guys from the local village, and the local young adults are having a big celebration tonight on the beach with a bonfire...and I have been invited! So it looks like I am all sorted for entertainment tonight!

I wonder if I can party on until my birthday? LOL I am pretty sure I can do it!


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