I had forgotten....

....how it feels to wake up when my body wakes me up, without help or having my eye lids prised open.
....how it feels to get 9 hours sleep, (the best I could hope for at home is 6)
....the peace of absolute silence!
....how nice it is to eat without shouting, yelling, or complaining going on in the background.
....what it looks like to NOT constantly be covered in smeared banana or vegemite toast.
....to wear nice clothes and for them to stay nice! (thanks Soph :) I love you but you are a grot)
....how to relax and just be!

I have been a mumma now for 10 years and in that time I have not really had a break where I have had a chance to have any quality "me time". I am really liking having some time to myself now....it is like something that my soul has been longing for for a long time...definitely something I needed to do for myself.

The place I am staying at is divine...I love it! The people are so helpful and friendly and nothing is a problem. Fiji time does exist....everything happens when it happens...nothing is urgent....everything is relaxed. This of course is very foreign to a workaholic, stressaholic, control freak like me....so I am trying to embrace it....it feels weird and yet somehow peaceful at the same time. Perhaps I need to adopt a "little" of this for myself at home :P

Last night I sat down to dinner beside the pool, surrounded by lush tropical plants and palms...it was silent and peaceful. I didn't have to hurry my dinner, break up a fight or spend 20 minutes post dinner on my hands and knees picking up rejected food items off the floor. I had some garlic bread to start with ( a big naughty in my new diet) and then some Fiji prawns on a bed of stirfried veges and noodles, it was divine! I even had a glass of red wine with dinner. After I had a coconut and pinapple pavlova and a Banana Daquari! yes even with a little umbrella and frangipanis in it LOL.

After dinner I met a few really lovely people from Melbourne and we spent the next few hours hanging out laughing and drinking. It was fun....

Then I headed off to bed early and got a full night's sleep...BLISS

Unfortunately the internet is also on Fiji time, the 1976 version of Fiji time. I am battling an internet connection that makes dial up look like lightening speed LOL; so it is with much dubiousness that I will try and post photos AFTER I publish this blog post. This is also compounded with the fact that my mail server seems to have freaked out about my change in location...I can recieve emails but not send them...so for the moment this is my only means of communication. Well that is apart from "sell my left kidney" international roam. Oh I also am having trouble sending text messages...tried a few times last night to no avail...so I am not sure what is goin on there either. So to those I love, I am not ignoring you, I have just been time warped back to the late 70's. I am not sure if MSN is going to work with such a dodgey connection I did get one message last night but the user was offline when I got back to my room.

Anyway...much love to you all....I am having a fabulous time! my mind is slowing....well OK you got me it isn't but I am trying :P....yep A you can still hear the cogs going but they are a fraction slower. I am definiely more relaxed already and I feel well rested....I am going to enjoy myself and do and eat whatever I want (well except people, not sure about the whole cannibalism thingy). I am sure I will stack on a few kilos but meh...only in Fiji once and I am sure my trainer will give me hell when I get back home so live it up now I say!!!

....will catch you soon...but now I am off to engorge on tropical fruit, and banana pancakes.


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