Photos hopefully!

So here goes....hold breath and pray to the 1970's internet gods:

Those that know me well will know the relevance of how special a lime green suitcase is...for everyone else....yeah I am crazy. LOL....You will notice it is already dirty and the fabric on the back has massive scratches and wear marks on it....yeah thanks Pacific Blue :( ...... One thing is it stands out on the carousel like ...well you know:P

this is my bungalow....well the bed is full of beautiful carved furniture...wonder how much excess baggage that bed would be?

My own bath robe....LA DE DA.....with a note "Hi Michelle ...please wear this to your complimentary massage"

The View from my bungalow: See it really is like in the postcards!

Where I had dinner last night: next to the pool....

It is obvious from my photos that I have spent far too long photographing nappies and not real life subjects....I have brought my camera manuals with me and I have decided I am going to take this opportunity to get to know my camera a little better :P I know it is capable of so much more than it will be good for both of us LOL.


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