OMG it is heaven on earth! really!

Bula Vinaka!

Well I have arrived safe and sound! The hotel is just divine! It is a boutique hotel nestled in the jungle but right on the beach at the same time...there are no other resorts nearby....the customer service has been just amazing!

tonight I am going to have a a la carte dinner in the restaurant with a few drinkies...and check out all the things I can do over the next few days:)

I did visit a Fiji souvenir shop on the way to the resort....and saw some awesome stuff that I would love to get the boys....some things included a human meat fork...for eating....yep you guessed it humans (LOL they were cannibals not too long ago apparently) and some really quite beautiful weapons...hand carved out of this incredibly hard was called a neck breaker and it had a massive serrated edge to it that was called "gut opener" ewww but honestly is really was a beautiful piece of carving.

There was also some really cute grass skirts and jewellery for the girls. I will go back when I have a bit of free time and have a really good look at it.

I will update with some photos later tonight but right now it is time for dinner...I am starving I have been up since 5am.


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