I am the queen of the sea!

.........well perhaps a princess anyway.......

The fishing trip was huge success...I caught two big trevally and about 10 snapper.

My new friend Sena from the local village came with me...we had a ball.... spending a morning with lovely people in a quiet, tropical wonderland, fishing that is a difficult as throw out your line get a bite pull it back in with a fish attached! .................... what more could you ask for! Sena is just beautiful, such a lovely generous and friendly person....she said before I go she will take me to the estuary at night where there are so many prawns you can pick them up with your hands!!!

Sadir the resort fisherman certainly knew his stuff....he knew exactly where to go and what bait to use where. At certain times he would tell me to pull in my line and change from squid to wahoo and back again....I just obeyed and you can see the results speak for themselves. He told me that the time we went fishing is not ideal and he was sorry, that I had such a paltry catch :o He promised to will check the tides and take me out again at dusk when the tides are right and I can catch some Wahoo or kingfish that are at least 1m long, apparently that is an acceptable catch to him!

So Sadir you are indeed the king of the ocean! You rock dude!

I took the catch back to the kitchen and the chef will prepare the big trevally for me for dinner tonight and Sena took the snappers home to make a snapper soup for her extended family.

Oh BTW most of these fish were caught in chest deep water on a hand line :o that is about 12 fish there!


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