SPF 500?

I think I need SPF 500. I have put spf 30+ on for the last two days. First day I got here I put on SPF 30+ and only stayed in the morning sun for 3 hours and got slightly burnt. Today I put on SPF 30+, smothered myself in it, and went out fishing for 3 hours and this is what I have now:

It was kinda worth it though...I mean I did get to catch some amazing fish and have an awesome time with some local people!

This was my dinner prepared by the chef:

It was lush..Raj the chef slow baked the trevally with ginger, garlic and corriander with a lemon zest! Yummmmmmm combined with an Australian Reisling and you can't go wrong!

After dinner I went down to the beach and sat on the sand in the dark. I was gazing up at the crystal clear sky looking at the stars and could hear this beautiful singing.I was unsure of where it was coming from; I thought possibly the local village but then one of the local men walked up to me and sat down and intorduced himself. I asked him about the singing and he told me it is the local village men fishing out on the reef. He shone his torch out onto the water and called out to them to which they replied, bula! the local village men were out on the reef catching the next day's food....all signing these beautiful melodies while working in the pitch black. Just BLISS!


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