yep I am pretty sure that is how many drinks I had last night! who the hell decided it would be a good idea to drink EVERY cocktail on the cocktail list? Even the still being developed Squashed Canetoad? Oh yeah that's right....that was actually my idea...well me and the other New Zealand girl I met last night for dinner. Hehehehe it is awesome when the 40+ year old pulls up better than the 31 year old.....must be all about stamina or maturity LOL....she is still sleeping and I am planning a fishing trip :P

I am feeling a little worse for wear this morning...even drank some of the ghastly Fiji coffee....OMG it is like freaking sump oil!

Sadir is taking me fishing this morning with Sena so I need to fix myself....I am not feeling all that flash at the moment...so anyone have any good hangover cures that don't involve raw fish? and will prevent the inevitable hurl I think will happen in 2 hours somewhere off the coral coast :P

However I have been promised an awesome experience....they always catch fish and big ones...so I will be sure to have lots of photos when I get back...perhaps after a post lunch nanna nap LOL...

Oh it "seems" I might have solved my my outgoing email problems....still learning to live with 1976 internet though!


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