We have teethie pegs!

Poor little Sophie, she is teething and boy does she know it! I never even knew with my other kids they had teeth until one day I put my finger in their mouth. Well Sophie has pretty much had the full gambit of symptoms; runny nose, diarrhoea, temperature and she is obviously in pain! poor little tike. I got some Brauers teething relief and that seemed to help significantly.

Last week I was pretty much a baby mattress. She just wanted to lay on me and cry. So I didn't get much work done! This week I am hoping to improve on that. I have just listed almost 100 workhorses and Showponies in the store. I have a table full of Bling, fitteds and cotton Ai2's that need boosters and linings cut.

I am aiming to get the Bling in store by 7pm tomorrow night and the fitteds listed by Thursday night. The Cotton outer Ai2's should be ready to go after easter. Of course this all depends on Sophie and how her little white monsters in her mouth are behaving, but fingers crossed she does seem much better today....


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