So proud!

I moved to Brisbane just over a year ago and really have only made one friend until recently. I work pretty much 24/7 and rarely have time off for anything. It has been getting me really low and I have been feeling dreadfully lonely. I work most nights until 1-2am and get as much work as I can done during the day, but that varies depending on what day it is and what mood the kids are in. Then I am back up at 6am tending to the baby.

In Sydney, I had an amazing network of friends, and a great support network to help with the kids. Here in Brisvegas I have neither, I don't really have many friends nor do I get any relief with the kids. So I often feel like a pressure cooker, on the verge of an explosion. I haven't really had time off from looking after the kids now for a year. DH loves his new job, but he works in the valley and spends many hours away from home, which pretty much makes me a solo mama to 4 kids and running a business all by myself. I was becoming increasingly depressed and realised I needed to do something that I enjoyed with a group of women who had similar interests to me. I am a very artistic person, so I had a bit of a scout around to see what was available on the pennisula.

WOW that was a bit of an essay.....anyway.......

I found a patchwork shop not too far from home ( I am still breastfeeding, so I needed to be close to home). I tried patchwork a few years ago and really didn't like it at all, but since there was not much else on offer I thought I'd give it a go again. I'm glad I did. When they showed me the lap quilt we were to make for the beginners class I was under-enthused. It was not my taste AT ALL. It was a very traditional sampler, done in burgundy florals with cream backgrounds and olive green sashings. BLERGH. So I changed it, as I do....I thought it was important to learn the basics, so you have a good foundation to spring from. So I did the sampler squares with a modern twist..............I LOVE IT! I could never have imagined it turning out better! Of course when I got asked if I wanted wool, cotton, polyester or bamboo batting I opted for bamboo!

I had suggested to the kids that I make them quilts and get rid of their revolting mink blankets they have had for years. They were all a little ho hum about it until they saw Sophie's finished! now they are arguing over who's quilt is next LOL.

I can't say I have a passion for patchwork, but it does give me an opportunity to spend some time with other women doing something creative, the end product is ultimately useful. I get to use lush fabrics and exercise my artistic muscle, can't ask for more than that!

Best bit I have heaps of hungry caterpillar fabric left so I can make some cool nappies and clothes! woohooo.


FionaJill said...

Fantastic! It looks nothing Like I pictured. Its so much more amazing!
I am going to have to fight with the kids too! I"M NEXT!!

Donna xo said...

Michelle that is absolutely stunning hun!
You've got some lucky little kiddies there!

amandajean said...

it's a wonderful quilt!!! i'm glad that you are giving quilting another try. it sure is a handy hobby to have. :)

Cadiva said...

Oh wow, that is absolutely incredible. If you ever considering doing custom orders for those quilts I'll take a VHC one any day!

Deanne said...

Your quilt looks gorgeous :) I could have written much of your post myself, except that I only have one baby.. you're doing an amazing job with everything you've achieved!

Anonymous said...

Great for you. I only have one bubba and no business and I am climbing the walls at 5pm some days. The Eric Carle fabric is so great hey? Nice to have a bit of light shining in your week.

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