I can explain!

Wow hasn't it been a while! but before you walk off shaking your head in disgust at my blogging hiatus I can explain.....

I have been unbelievably busy..... a quick rundown:

  • well as you know the new online store opened....well we have just gotten busier and busier as the weeks have rolled on, we now have most nappies instock (yes even bling!). New members have been added to the team and we are constantly adding new and interesting stock!
  • We now wholesale! this is a scary and exciting progression for us, but a logical one...we now have three approved resellers (2 over seas and one IRL store in Sydney) We are considering a few more overseas applications at the moment, how exciting...surely I need a business trip to check on my business contacts? What do you recon?
  • Maya turned three...yes my baby girl is three now. She is a doll but boy do we know about tantrums! LOL
  • Sophie is walking and starting to do the baby babble, she is just the cutest and most placid little thing, rarely cries and is really easy going. A marked contrast to her older sister but I love them both.
  • Vaughan and Lockie have immersed themselves in school and sports with Vaughan excelling at Soccer and Lockie realising he is naturally talented at TaeKwanDo and gymnastics.
  • I had some tests for bowel cancer, they have come back with pre-cancerous growths so that adds a whole new dimension to our family and my health care regime.
  • we have put our house in Sydney on the market...so I guess we are in Brisbane to stay!
  • I have started going back to the gym.....it has been a long time coming and well overdue, but I am enjoying it immensely and have already started getting results.
With things now running smoothly for the business I have been able to reduce my working hours a little from a 60-70 hour week back to a 45 hour week. I am using my extra time to get some much need time with my children and to spend some time looking after myself. If a cancer scare does nothing else for you it makes you think about looking after yourself a little better.

I am also FINALLY having time to release the long line of products all sitting here patiently waiting to have the final logistics dealt with so they can be released! With me learning to trust the team and delegate some of the work I have freed myself up to do what I do best, run my business and develop new products. I love the creative side of this; it alleviates my burning need to make and design, and boy do we have some awesome stuff in the pipelines!

In the next couple of weeks we are releasing the much awaited Wild Child Sidesaddle. A side snap nappy with perfect fit and awesome performance. The final tester nappies are going out on Monday and Wednesday, this is for a minor re-test of a very small change, so all going well they should be to market very very soon. If you have had problems with the fit of other nappies then do your self a favour and get a sidesaddle. They deal with fit issues you may have had such as wing droop, leg gaping, poor fit on waist or around the legs.

Want a sneak peek????

Aren't they just lush? I just love them, and best bit you can embellish the front and the back....I can see myself going a little crazy!

On a personal note, I feel more settled her now, I have made a few friends here in Queensland, and while I miss my friends in Sydney I am enjoying it here now. I have also made some online friends and am part of a WAHMs (work at home mum) forum so I can chat with other mummas who experience the same things as I do with the challenges of running a business and a young family from home.

A couple of friendships I have made over the last couple of years have deepened from mates to very close friendships indeed. You find the most wonderful friends in the most unexpected places. It delights me that I have such a broad base of friends of all different types in locations all over the country. Some I speak to occasionally, some I speak to almost every day, I am grateful for them all.


Bonnie said...

Aww, the WC Sidesaddle is gorgeous!! Love it!

Joh T said...

wow those sidesaddles look ace! want want want! :P


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