Bliss and a lifesaver!

The timing could not have been better! My friend Mel from Beetlebums made Sophie the most awesome carrier I have ever owned and I have 4 kids and have owned lots of carriers!

It is so unbelievably comfortable and well made, Sophie (9 months) fitted in there with ease and I could not even feel her weight at all! I decided to try it on my 3year old, and again because of how well made it was the weight was on my centre of gravity so she didn't get heavy like she does in other carriers.

The best bit it is so damn sexy! I love the print! Frida has been my favourite artist forever and I love the attention to the cute little appliqu├ęs and beautiful topstitching. I love everything about this carrier, there is not one thing that I would change, except I want MORE!

Anyway Sophie decided to give it a big test, she has been teething and she is really struggling with it. All my other kids got through relatively unscathed, Sophie has made up for all of them, poor little button :-( So she has pretty much been living in the carrier since we got it. So big thank you to Mel mwah! you saved our life this week....well my sanity at least and you made a unhappy time for Soph a bit more bearable.


Mama Mel said...

YAY!! Im glad Sophie found some relief in her (oh, and yours :P) carrier!!!


helen.curtis said...

That is a great photo of you two. :)

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