I am sitting here in my dining room with my laptop in a house that is absolutely SILENT! The fact that it is almost 1am probably has a lot to do with it. Nonetheless it is a rather novel concept in a house with 4 young children. I was just thinking I should go to bed when it occurred to me I could hear the wind gushing past the windows in the kitchen. Normally I can't hear myself think.

I have had a pretty tiring day today (well mentally anyway)...spent most of it uploading stock into the new store and writing descriptions. It took a lot longer than it probably should have but I needed to learn the new ins and outs of it.... and I think we are going to be great friends. It is MUCH easier to use than the old store and pretty much does everything I wanted. I was hoping to have the ability to run auctions for a few special Wild Child lovelies. My tech team have advised me that that upgrade will be available in about 4 weeks so that will be cool!

The last week has been flat stick, getting the new nappies up from Sydney, collating bits, sending bits here there and everywhere for completion. I am liking what I am seeing though, and I guess that is the upside of working with a highly professional and motivated team. They are the best!

Tomorrow (well today actually) I am going to pick up a heap of minky for the new Workhorses as well as running Maya to kindy gym and the boys to trampolining, and picking up the New Cotton outer AI2's and some more Baby Bling from the seamstress.

Busy Day......should probably get some least a few hours!


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