My Arm Hurts!

It is hardly surprising considering I snapped Nappy Mountain today....

And I thought 24 nappies was a lot, Nappy Mountain covers my entire studio desk! There are a couple a hundred nappies there! Well most of them are sold now but I thought I would take this photo for posterity!

We had the launch of the new Website and all our new goodies. There were over 700 unique visitors today to the new website which is cool and it didn't crash, so I suppose that is an improvement. We did however have customer account problems :-( which is not so good.

When we made the new website, we imported all my customers from my old site over to the new site, thinking it would be helpful to my customers if all their details were already there. WRONG! It caused massive account problems for my customers. They were not permitted to sign in because they didn't have passwords linked to their accounts and they couldn't make new accounts as they already had accounts with their email.....arrrgghghhhhh

I hope I have fixed it now....I have deleted all the old customers off the database, so hopefully now when people go to create an account they can.

I really wanted to apologise to those that felt stress/distress at the certainly added to the hyena frenzy!

Anyway it was a fantastic launch and it was wonderful to see so many of you there! It certainly made working until 2am every day for the last 2 weeks worthwhile :-)

SOOOOOO..........what's coming up?

  • Well I have fitted nappies half cut out, so they are next cab off the rank.
  • We will also be doing some more cotton outer AI2's, they were very popular and I have received several requests for more!
  • We are currently getting more Couture pants in 18-24 months sewn up.
  • There is another batch of Workhorses and Showponies being sewn at the moment.
  • There is more Bling happening too. We have just put something in place that should enable us to make A LOT more Bling, so that's something to look forward to.
  • There are some uuuber cool bibs in the works as well, Sophie has started on solids, and it reminded me of how essential this item is!
  • There are more breast pads happening, they boys have been cutting out Bamboo Velour and have a nice tidy pile! Mum just needs to sew them LOL
  • Finally, our wool Day to Night Covers are inching closer to completion...they are certainly ones to keep an eye out for.
Anyway I think I get an early mark tonight it is only 1.37am and I'm done! No I'm not Sophie just squeaked!


Donna xo said...

Goodness me that like a HUGE mountain! All that fluffy goodnes Ahhhh you're so lucky! LOL

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