Nappy goodness!!!!!

Wild Child was started almost 3 years ago now and one of the first nappies I started with was a cotton outer, hidden PUL layer. Well this week I revisited that design, I had some cool laminated prints and decided to make up some AI2's for Soph. I am really happy with them and she can wear them overnight with no wicking! All thanks to our fantastic new patented booster system, it is just awesome and so versatile. You guys will all get a good look at it soon! I'm really excited about it it has been 2 years in the design and testing process and now we can finally release it.

In the meantime you will have to try and peek and see if you can catch a glimpse :-P

I have found an absolutely awesome seamstress, I got her to do a few sample nappies to see how good she was and was delighted when they came back absolutely perfect! I couldn't fault one thing on them! So now I have someone up here to help me with the customs and one of our new lines of nappies.

I also happened to find another seamstress at the same time, totally different from the first, but still exceptional at what she did. She will be working on all the things that I have designed and tested and not had time to do! Like the most gorgeous clothing range I have seen for a long time and our hand dyed wool day to night covers. It's really exciting to be able to finally get some of my ideas and designs "out there"

Now I only need the bloody embroidery design for the custom to behave and all will be good. I have never in whole time I have owned my machine, had so much trouble with an embroidery design. I now have 3 people working on it and my husband looking at the actual computer code to see if we can get the damn thing to stitch out properly! It just won't do it. ARRRRGGGGHGHGHHGHHHHHHHHH it is driving me crazy! I don't want to admit defeat but I am quickly running out of options. I am hoping for a solution soon!


berniebabe said...

WoW I loooove those prints :-) Are those Sophie's or are they going up on your site soon?

The Wild Child said...

he he he no these ones are for Soph. It's a sneak peak of our new nappies/boosters, just a little something to whet the appetite :-P

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