Almost there!

Well what can I say, the last 3 weeks have certainly been ones of blood, sweat and tears when it comes to this custom. Anything that could have gone wrong with the embroidery has...I had at one stage 4 people trying to fix it so it would stitch out on minky properly. I even had the designer in America helping me. Ultimately I ended up making the nappy part of the embroidery an appliqué. It was just too many stitches in the same direction for the poor old Minky! So after 34 trys and much swearing I have finally got it to a point that I am happy with....mind you if I wasn't such a perfectionist I probably could have gone with version number 29. I just couldn't hack it...I could see a tiny bit of minky peeping out of a part of the embroidery. I couldn't get the pattern to comply so we changed it!

And just as a last bit of bloody defiance....half way though stitching out the final correct version THE POWER GOES OUT for most of the Redcliffe Pennisula, for 4 lots of loud swearing from me then!

Oh and this is what 26 cut out nappies look like...well the minky part of it anyway. The linings and bamboo are my job for tomorrow and Thursday :-0, as well as getting all the other customs ready for our new seamstress to whip up.

I must go......I can hear little Soph coughing her little head off, I think she is getting a cold :-( poor little thing. She cries every time she coughs. I imagine I am in for a rough night. We are going to Sydney next week I hope she is better before we have to get on the plane.


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