A little bit closer now!!! and stocking news

Well the Day Dreamer sale was HUGE, with the cart crashing twice! yay NOT! It over sold a few items :-( and didn't forward an email through for some orders.

The secret business in Sydney went well and the big wheels are now in motion. We were hoping to have the new nappies instore for the start of the great down under nappy hunt. It looks like they are going to be ready about 1 week into the hunt. We also have some other exciting changes in the air, but we reveal all when we release our new patented booster system and nappy. Not long now for all of you waiting patiently.....believe me the wait will definitely be worth it. Our new nappies are certain to be a hit with everyone!

The team at Wild Child has almost doubled in the last year and we are all very excited about the new stuff we have in the wings.

Finally most exciting news! The dreamy night nappies are here!!!!YAY

I will take photos and put them up as a preview instore at Wild Child tonight. They will go live 9am Sunday morning (Queensland time), so while you are looking for that dredded icon you can grab yourself a highly sought after Dreamy Night Nappy.


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