I told you it's Big!

Starting tonight at Wild Child 8pm Queensland time all in stock Day Dreamers will be a massive 25% off the normal price. That takes the famous and sought after Day Dreamers to the $25 mark!!!

I will be putting the Day Dreamers I just got from Sydney in the store today so you can get a sneak peek of all the cool nappies. Of course normal sale conditions apply, no exchange, no refund, no layby etc.... prompt payment is expected, if payment is not made within 5 days the item will be relisted. Nearly all of the nappies are first quality some are a very, very slight second that would normally have a dollar or so knocked off the price, these nappies will be sold at the 25% discount price. Significant seconds, boosters and part nappies will go into the seconds section at prices that will just blow you away.

We have some exciting new stuff in the works at the moment and need to make room so everything has to go! Seriously you don't want to miss out on this one!


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