Unexpected Perfection

I usually really like most of the customs I do. Particularly the hand dyed Bamboo Velour nappies.

These are no exception!

I absolutely love the colour combinations and the way the subtlety of the colours blends with each other. I try hard to get a pleasing result each time I dye anything but this time I think I outdid myself. I love the pink and green one the best, probably because I have a baby girl. The customer originally wanted "watermelon" -pink and green, when I finished I just loved it! DH said that he didn't think it was a traditional watermelon colourway, I think it is better!

I think i will definitely make one of these for Soph!


Mama Mel said...


Love the watermelon colourway - you are so talented hon!!


The Wild Child said...

awwwww you'd make me blush if it didn't hurt so much!

The Wild Child said...

Awwwww- you'd make me blush if it didn't hurt so much!

Bonnie said...

Wow, they're gorgeous, and Soph is so lucky to have a mom who made these absolutely beautiful nappies!

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