Just a matter of time!

Well today something happened I have been expecting for about 12 months.

A little background......

We moved into this house about 12 months ago when we moved to Brisbane. It's a great house owned by a relative, the rent is great and we make improvements as we can afford it, a big priority for me was aircon, which we just got installed before Xmas. Well the guttering above the stairs is dodgy and when it rains the stairs to the front verandah get wet and VERY slippery.

Anyway I am not the most graceful girl in the world, and today I proved it in grandiose style! Yep I slipped on the stairs....A over T.

Worst bit....well it isn't that I landed flat on my back on top of the stair treads and feel like I have broken ribs &/or back. Or that I cracked the back of my skull on the edge of the stair and now have a splitting headache...I ache all over...................BUT the worst bit...............is that I was carrying Sophie.

She cried her little eyes out after we hit the deck, I just hugged her even though I was in extreme pain, all I could worry about was her. I tried my hardest when we fell to keep her out of harms way, but somehow she must have got her little leg caught between me and the stairs. She now has a bruise on her knee and it's a bit puffy. She doesn't cry or anything when I press it so I'd say it's just a bruise :-( I just feel really bad for her and bloody sore for me.

Poor little tike.....

The stairs just moved to the top of our priority list!


FionaJill said...

aww you poor thing, I know how horrible it feels to fall while holding a baby. Fell forward once up a steep concrete driveway while holding Glenn. Its amazing how we protect our young when things like that happen. I had black knees & elbows for weeks after that fall. The back of my hand was pretty sore too as thats what was between Glenns head & the concrete. He was about 12 months at the time.

I hope you are feeling better soon, sounds really painful. You poor thing.

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