It's been a long week!

Well my mojo still hasn't returned but I did do that to do list and I think it helped me get through a massive pile of work this week.

I have a few customs and special orders to tidy up over the weekend/ early next week and I'm up to date so to speak. Probably just as well as I have a large custom order coming in next week of 20 orders! eeeppp! I don't mind though I am actually quite excited, they are a lovely group of women and they have been sooooooo easy to work with. It's nice when everything just falls together!

I got one of the nappies finished for my swap and OMG it ROCKS! I am really happy with the way it turned out. Now I just have two more to do. I'll just chip away at it, nappy at a time....that way one day I'll just go "oh OK all finished!"

It's good that my embroidery machine is back and working I have missed it!


Mama Mel said...

YAY!!!!!! :P

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