Let's hope the coming week is more productive than the last! I have really been struggling to find my momentum again and where the hell is my MOJO? I suspect I am partly burnt out from all the hard work last year and partly just exhausted from having to get up several times overnight to a sick bubba. She seems to be getting better so hopefully I can get a bit more sleep and feel a bit more refreshed in the mornings.


It seems like such a fragile thing, tenuous, elusive, taunting but man when you have it YOU ROCK. I really am finding it difficult without it. Like trying to dog-paddle with rocks tied to your waist. I think I just have to write a to do list and just plod through it so I can get stuff done.

We have some really exciting stuff happening at Wild Child I am just waiting for some legalities to be finalised before I can start, so I would guess that is contributing to my uneasy feeling as well. I am just so excited to get started and I want to blab to the whole world, but I need to be patient.

Next week the boys are off to their grandmother's in Sydney.It is their first unaccompanied flight and they are both a bit nervous. V says he is a little worried and L just laughs and tells me he's not worried at all. I know they will be OK but I will worry until I know they landed safe and sound. I will really miss them but will also be grateful for the quiet. I am hoping that I can really make headway into what I have to do on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, my 3 hardcore working days. Of course there is only so much you can do without your embroidery machine, but hopefully that will be returned to me on Tuesday sometime. Until then I will have to do everything else I can around that, and trust me there is plenty there to do!

I am definitely putting an add in the paper next week, I really need a second pair of hands.

Anyway I had better go and do a list of what I need to get done next week! or I may be in the same position next Sunday!


Mama Mel said...

Oh Im excited!! I wanna know whats happening!!!!!! Tell me tell me tell me!!!!

Yeah, and Mr Mojo is a secretive bugger - he is off helping someone else right now. Come back lil fella!!! :P

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