I'm not the most patient girl!

The mechanic came yesterday and apparently "fixed" my machine....well I think perhaps he got to the next suburb before it started to play up again, thread breaking almost continously. I am sooooo over this.........and by the time I called him he was back home. He can't come back now for another week! I called another mechanic and he is coming tomorrow, hopefully he can fix it here otherwise he has to take it away :-( I have a pile of customs stacking up, a swap to do and a donation for the birthing centre, this really is the last thing I need at the moment!

I just got another custom order for 15 nappies today. I think I will put an add in the paper for an experienced seamstress tomorrow, I do need help up here. The Sydney team are busy working on boosters for 100 Day Dreamers and Dreamy Night Nappies, so I need someone to help me with the sewing side of things in Brissy. After that the Sydney team are working on some exciting new stuff that will be released soon and will just rock! We are all very excited about it!

Soph and Maya both have a cold with the runny nose, high temperatures and gunky eyes....ewwwwww....poor fluffies! I have spent all day trying to get photoshop to do something in vain and Soph has pretty much been velcro baby. **sigh** I have also been trying to get some official legal stuff for Wild Child out of the way and really not had much success, a crying baby attached to the hip is not really conducive to concentration and legalees.

Now that I have done dinner and got Soph to bed I am really too tired to do anything. I might have to go and make a coffee! (something I rarely drink!) to give me enough get up and go until bed time.Woweeeee coffeeeeeeeee rush........... or not!

On a good note I did get the bamboo velour finished and my it is lovely!
I am thinking of doing some more.

I also managed to limp my machine through one Los Novios nappy cut (it took 3 hours). It rocks and it fits so well onto a medium large nappy. I was however, disappointed to discover a minor stitching error, which means that I will need to stitch it all out again *rolleyes*. It takes so much thread and such a long time to stitch out, bugger. But I really couldn't use it for the swap it wouldn't be right to give my swapee something that wasn't perfect.

I do have to admit I am not normally a fan of skulls etc on baby clothing, nappies etc but I love this, it is just so bright and colourful! I have matching fabric and have made my daughter a peasant top to match her pink los novios nappy pictured in the blow below.

I am now going to try AGAIN to get photoshop to co-operate, I really needed this done today! arrgggghhhhh it's been one of those days. BUT..... It is nice a quiet here now, all the kids are upstairs watching Bugs Bunny with DH and I can hear the waves breaking on the beach.......ahhhhhh.....starting to relax already......

PS- I did get that coffee and man is it good!


missymoo84 said...

Michelle I love that BV!! It looks wonderful!
That sucks about the machine! He should have come back out, that is horrible service. If he didn't fix it properly it's his problem about being home, not yours. Your a business!
I don't like skulls either, but I love the nappy and top!!! It's wonderful.
Ohh now I am excited about the upcoming product!! I'll have to stalk your blog for that one!
Hope the girls get better soon and you work out photoshop! I can do some things on that, but it is mighty confusing when you first start!

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