Something honourable

The only problem with taking time off from work is getting back into it after. Today I really didn't achieve much at all. I realised that the pants I made should have had a bit more allowance to compensate for a cloth nappy! So I will be making those adjustments to my pattern tomorrow. I am just glad I did mine first. They still do look WAY cool though! I love making them, kinda cathartic! perhaps penance for all the "naughtiness" at high school ;-)

I didn't get the bamboo done today, will absolutely do it tomorrow it is first on the list! I promise to post photos when it's done.

Another thing I realised today is I need to get my art journal back out and start drawing again! I used to draw everyday when I was doing my degree. I want to start doing that again. It keeps you fresh and your ideas progressing which is a GREAT thing! the photo is an example of what you can achieve when you keep ideas progressing. It is a commission I had after I had graduated. I miss making jewellery, I don't really have time for it any more but looking at my work reminds me that I am creative and artistic and to never loose the passion to make things to the best of my ability. There is something honourable about creating something original from scratch to fruition. A small piece of you goes into to it and the new owner carries a part of you with them forever!

So actually I guess I did achieve much today-----I did a lot of thinking!...... which is just as important as doing sometimes.


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