Long way

Her words still ring clearly in my ears. Michelle your gathering is patchy and sloppy. Despite the fact that I actually was a good sewer I never really did very well at Home Ec at school. I found the set projects boring and stifling and so I would do the absolute bare minimum to pass. Once I handed in a shirt, without sleeves as I decided I didn't like the cut of the pattern. Mrs A my Home Ec teacher used to tut and just shake her head.

Well I have come a long way since then and matured
somewhat. I now realise that it actually was all for a purpose and that they really weren't trying to torture me with the mundane.

I am working on some pants for a swap, a couple for some dear friends daughter's and some for my girls. I finished the gathering part and was a little chuffed at the result. I had been careful, taken my time and my rolled hems and gathers were perfect! Mrs A would be proud....

so these images are for you Mrs A, I am sorry for all the extra grey hairs I gave you all through grade 9 and 10. mwwwwaaahhhh!


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