Adversity is the mother of creation!

It's a well worn statement and one I am going to test.

My husband is a computer programmer, writing games for the main console companies. As most people are aware the games industry like many others has suffered significantly as a result of the GFC. For the second time in less than 12 months the company my husband was working for has gone belly up. We now for the second year in a row find ourselves weeks off christmas with very limited funds. Last year my husband managed to get a job in less than a month, this year he has not been so lucky. Another large games company went belly up at the same time as the one he was working for, resulting in a much greater number of people looking for jobs in his industry in our city.

Anyway... I have decided that this year I will make the majority of the Children's christmas presents myself from supplies I have here already, (I have a lot *blush*)

I have four children 2  "tween" boys and 2 young girls. I have been busy today researching what I am going to make for them, checking supplies, ideas and colourways.

Today I started on felt hair clips for Maya (5). She is a real girly girl and loves anything with frou frou or sparkles. I will make a little treasure bag for them to go in, so she can keep all her girly goodness safe.

I also started researching dragons. I gave Lockie (10) a felt dragon a few years ago and he absolutely loved it... I am thinking about making him a large, realistic (well you know) needle felted dragon with shimmery wired wings. Not sure if I can do it as I have never done anything like that before, but I think I might give it a go. Just need to do a bit of research on armature and how to do that.

Vaughan (12)  really wants  some cool clothes, with skulls & zombies etc... LOL think I can manage that ;)

Sophie well I'm not sure, there are so many things I could do for her I just need to decide what to do.

I will make a list and work through it one by one. So check back regularly as I will post pictures as I make another thing for the kids for  Xmas.... luckily the kids love the things I make for them :)


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