Eating like a Norman!

I loved Rouen where I was today, visited the blacksmith's museum which was surprisingly interesting. The skill of the ancient artisans is breathtaking... and I suspect unequaled today.

I also visited the central market place where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. Rouen is a true medieval town that still has buildings from medieval times (most of them), still standing, still being lived/worked in. It is difficult to grapple with that depth of history, when the oldest buildings we have are 200 odd years old!

visited a couple of cathedrals (France is filled with them) LOL and then I hightailed it to Bayeux.

Got some macaroons OMG I have never tasted anything like it! And wandered around the town. And a couple of bottles of Pear cider and had traditional Normandy dinner, cider with camembert and leek tart. I had crepes for desert with pear icecream and flambe Calvades (an Apple liquor).

It was divine!

Loving this part of France, it has rekindled my passion for dawing & I feel a deep sense of reverence and peace here.

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