My Nickname

Recent events have reminded me of a quite appropriate nickname that was given to me years ago.

It just struck me tonight that the Wild Child team and I completed 3 large co-ops simultaneously. A seemingly insurmountable task, but rather than shy from the task, I just put the bit between my teeth and ran like the wind. In the last two months we have completed 3 co-ops, endured the Brisbane floods, completed 24 custom orders and produced an additional 96 nappies, prepared for the cloth nappy hunt and my husband was involved in a serious car accident (he is OK) and my third child started primary school.

So now we get to my nickname, it is Shark. My life philosophy is if you bite off more than you can swallow, take a deep breath and chew like hell :P It is pretty much how I like my life. I have never been one to take the easy option, never one to shy from hard work, never one to be intimidated and rarely afraid. So I guess really it is no surprise that this mammoth workload did not give me pause. It is also not surprising that when I do stop I tend to crash LOL. It is also not surprising that I NEED to take regular holidays.

For these reasons I am looking forward to my bi-annual holiday. In 4 weeks I am heading off to France and Italy. It will be the first time I have ever been to Europe and I am very excited! Of course living up to my reputation I have an intrepid and jam packed 32 days planned.


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